We market our products under two different categories:

Official Licenced Product, These item are authorised by the brand owner and are produced under such agreement and purchased buy us from the exclusive distributor in the UK.

Exclusive, Products marked as “Exclusive” or that are not marked “Official Licensed Product” are all our copyright, which are made to order, using our own exclusive designs. Unless otherwise stated, all garments are 100% unofficial and as such are not licensed merchandise. The “Exclusive “designs on this web site are in no way connected with, or endorsed by, the personalities, people or organisations they may appear to depict. These are fan based shirts and are made using our unique artwork and cant be purchased elsewhere, do not buy “Exclusive” product if you are looking for “Official Licensed Product” these items are not “Counterfeit” or “Pirate”

We try to ensure that our “Exclusive” products do not infringe third party trade marks, or rights we check the UK IPO office before listing, if you believe we may have infringed any of your rights please contact us with the evidence of your claim we always respond promptly.

Contact us: info@bluegooseberry.com